Molitor's Haunted Acres

Welcome to Central Minnesota's Premier Haunted Attraction!

Molitor's Haunted Acres is the scariest plot of land around, and has been for the last 16 years! That's right, we are in our 17th year of ghouls, ghosts and creatures of the night flocking to our woods, inhabiting the darkness in every corner. Let the Wagon of Doom pull you on a hayride, and then follow the path through the Maze of Woods, the Haunted House and the Storm Sewer, then the Mineshaft, and the Blood Trail, but only if you dare. The screams will haunt you and the sights will stay with you like a bad dream... Sounds like a scary good time, doesn't it?

This haunted attraction has a background story all its own.... Within the Grill & Bar on the same land, many strange things happen. Care to visit for a meal or drink and check it out for yourself? See if the TVs flicker on and off by themselves. Wait, did that door just close by itself?? And the lights.... what's going on here? Built on the Sauk Rapids Quarry from years ago, we're not sure if we're being visited by an old quarry worker, or maybe a past family member, but the harmless jokes being played may have you question what you believe.

Molitor's Haunted Acres 2014 Season begins Saturday, October 4th! Our full schedule of days and hours will be available soon. Haunted Acres Ticket Booth will creak open its doors on Oct. 4, 2014 at 6:30pm, beginning a month of horrific scares, and screams to last the year!

Find our full schedule here Dates & Hours. And don't forget to 'Like' us on Facebook!

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Once your journey is through, be sure to let your heart calm down and enjoy the bonfire on our outdoor patio where there will be treats to soothe your racing mind. Or stop inside the Grill & Bar for an adult treat. Specials nightly, don't miss them!

SET A REMINDER! Molitor's Quarry Grill & Bar and Molitor's Haunted Acres will be holding another HUGE Halloween Party at the end of October! Music, fun, specials, prizes, contests! Over $500 in prizes to be given away! Stay tuned for the exact date! See the Haunted Acres show, and then stop inside the Grill & Bar for the screaming good time! 

We Can't Wait to See You in 2014.....


**Here is a promo video made by SCSU during our 2012 season...


**We Do Not allow cameras/videos during our attraction, however, a fan asked to video their family trip here in 2012 and made it an animated short... enjoy


**Want a bit of history on Molitor's Haunted Acres?? Check out this video link: